NetMQBeacon implements a peer-to-peer discovery service for local networks.

A beacon can broadcast and/or capture service announcements using UDP messages on the local area network. You can define the format of your outgoing beacons, and set a filter that validates incoming beacons. Beacons are sent and received asynchronously in the background.

We can use the NetMQBeacon to discover and connect to other NetMQ/CZMQ services in the network automatically without central configuration. Please note that to use NetMQBeacon your infrastructure must support broadcast. Most cloud providers doesn't support broadcast.

This implementation uses IPv4 UDP broadcasts, and is a port of zbeacon from czmq with some extensions, though it maintains network compatibility.

Example: Implementing a Bus

NetMQBeacon can be used to create a simple bus that allows a set of nodes to discover one another, configured only via a shared port number.

  • Each bus node binds a subscriber socket and connects to other nodes with a publisher socket.
  • Each node will use NetMQBeacon to announce its existence and to discover other nodes. We will also use NetMQActor to implement our node.

The source for sample project is available online at:

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